Maurice Sendak passes away

Maurice Sendak passed away this morning in a hospital in Connecticut where he had been since a stroke last Friday.  He was 83.  Read the NPR article  here.

From interviews with Sendak, it might be said that he didn’t mind heading out of this world, happy to follow his dearly loved ones already gone.  And his death leaves us, his readers, bereft as well, not only of a unique wit but of more works to come… he said in an interview that his next project was going to be about a nose.  I bet it would have been as awesome as he thought is was going to be.

On a personal note (and I promise I won’t do this often), I just finished a few posts on Sendak and some of his work not a but a week ago.  I feel like I just got familiar with the crazy genius of the man who successfully coupled the dark, the sardonic, and the hopeful. I am very sad to see him go.  Maurice Sendak, thank you for all the words and worlds you leave behind.  Happy passage.

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